Recycling for Roofers

Thanks to all of our Lehigh Valley participating roofers for their help in keeping tons of old residential shingles from landfills and truly making the world a greener place to live. Our children will not forget you.

Pay 1/2 of what your used to paying at landfills and transfer stations when you bring your tear off shingles to Crushcrete

Decrease your disposal fees by 50%

A national roofing manufacturer found that about half of all homeowners put a high value on using contractors that recycle responsibly, so by taking part in the Lehigh Valleys shingle recycling program, contractors can show consumers their commitment to recycling and the environment.



  • Segregated, Non-hazardous & Uncontaminated materials.
  • Asphalt shingles may include nails and felt paper backing.
  • Crushcrete Inc. will not accept loads of roofing material if a portion of the load contains non-shingle or non-recyclable materials.

At this time, Crushcrete can only accept asphalt shingles and concrete. For other materials, such as tile, cedar shake, slate or rolled roofing, please contact your local government.