Recycling for Home Owners

Each year, up to 11 million tons of recyclable shingles are removed from the roofs of U.S. homes and buildings.

Make sure you choose a roofing contractor who recycles torn-off shingles. Your old shingles should not end up in a landfill, they can actually get re purposed as pavement.

Why Recycle Asphalt Shingles?

• Conserves landfill growth
• Decreases our dependence on foreign oil
• Reuses previously mined aggregate
• Provides raw material to produce better private roads and parking lots  1 average-sized roof, recycled into road mix, makes about 200 ft of a 2 lane highway!
• Costs less to recycle than traditional disposal
• Creates new jobs
• Generates revenue for the state

Did you know?

The roof over your house and the road in front of it have a lot in common. Both are held together with asphalt cement, a petroleum based binder. Shingles can contain between 20% and 36% asphalt cement which is used to bind a number of other materials such as fine aggregate, granular aggregate and fiberglass or organic felt to hold the shingles together. This is synonymous with a roadway surface, where asphalt cement is used to bind together blends of aggregate to form a cohesive road structure.