Recylcing for Contractors   

Crushcrete Inc. has diverted thousands of tons of asphalt shingles from landfills & helped put them back into use in our local roads, parking lots and highways.

By reclaiming the formerly wasted asphalt-cement contained in these shingles, asphalt producers can reduce their costs and do a small part in helping to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

Whether it’s demolition of one structure, an entire plant or facility, Bring in your concrete and shingles to be recycled and SAVE BIG MONEY on Landfill fees Or Partner with us for concrete recycling. 


Know the Facts: 

  • Commercial or industrial demolition sites can yield thousands of tons of concrete.
  • We have dumpsters to accommodate large jobs or small 10 yard Roll off dumpsters available for smaller projects. 
  • With gas prices on the rise and landfills becoming increasingly regulated, it no longer makes financial (or environmental) sense to dispose of concrete via traditional means.
  • Crushcrete can grind your concrete to any size gravel or stone to be reused in your next construction project.


Did you know?

Contractors & homeowners in the US create & throw away more than 11 million tons of shingles every year?


Get LEED Certification

Earn LEED and other certifications for your green demolition and construction project by recycling all of your concrete. Our crew will crush the concrete into gravel, which you can reuse as pipe bedding, structural fill or a sub-base layer for roads and building foundations.