Recycled Concrete Aggregates

Recycled Concrete stone is considered to be the best base course material available. Because recycled concrete is 100% fractured face material, the material particles interlock making compaction faster and easier. Recycled concrete stone provides both economical and environmental benefits to consumers.

Crushcrete’s recycled stone products are 15% to 17% lighter in weight than that of natural stone giving the customer more product for a lower price than natural stone. If you are not looking for a colorful decorative surface stone, why not use recycled concrete stone products?

Crushcrete manufacturers 3 types of stone for
sale to the general public.


2A Modified Stone mixed with fines for easy compaction (1-1/4”)


#57 or clean 2B Stone used when clean stone is needed (¾”)


Screenings or ¼” and smaller stone mixed with fines is ideal for walking trails, pipe bedding and manufactured fill.


The many uses for recycled stone products include

Retaining Wall Fill
Recycled concrete has been used as a retaining wall fill for many years. Most engineers and architects allow the material to be used for back fill as well as wall fill.

New Concrete Pavement
The federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has established guidelines for the use of recycled concrete in new concrete pavement. The substitution of recycled concrete for virgin course aggregate, in limited quantities, has proven to be an excellent alternative to virgin aggregate.

Landscaping Material
As a landscape material, recycled concrete stone offers an economic solution for areas that require ground cover.
Aggregate Base material for roads, driveways and parking lots- Recycled concrete stone can be used as an aggregate base course that can be paved over with either concrete or asphalt

Sheds and Pole Barns

Recycled concrete aggregate or stone is commonly used for placement under yard sheds or pole barns creating a stable compacted surface for proper drainage and stability.

Pathways, Walkways, Pavers and Patios

Different types and sizes are offered for each project type. These types of projects commonly use our screenings or smallest stone product which compacts well to stabilize soils and creates a harder surface for bikers and walkers. Ever try to walk or ride a bike on natural stone?

Drainage for wet areas or low areas in yards

Recycled stone is a good alternative to gravel as a drainage material in wet or low areas. Dig a trench through the area of your yard where water most often pools, and fill it with recycled concrete stone surrounding a perforated PVC drainage pipe. Cover the pipe with more stone and replace the soil.