Can't bring your shingles to Crushcrete? Save on trucking and Crushcrete will come to you!

Crushcrete Asphalt Shingle and Concrete Recycling provides a convenient mobile service to all types of facilities around the country.

Our mobile grinding units provide on-site Shingle Grinding and Recycling services to Companies and municipalties on a price per ton basis according to scope-of-work requirements.


Crushcrete operates on a year-round basis with fully trained and qualified personnel that strictly adhere to OSHA, MSHA, and NESHAP regulations and guidelines.

At Crushcrete we:

• Provide mobile grinding services to recycling drop off facilities, Asphalt Plants, Municipalities roofing Contractors and construction companies.

• Work with sites that segregate and prepare shingles based on their current state specifications.


• Work side by side with facilities of various sizes and locations to help reduce costs by utilizing existing site equipment and personnel.


• Have custom equipment ready for mobilization that can meet any required specifications.


• Work with companies and municipalities to add a revenue stream to their already existing recycling program.


• Work with companies and municipalities to create a saleable product from material that previously would have been landfilled.

The Rotochopper RG-1 is the only machine designed specifically to process asphalt shingle waste. With one pass through the machine,we produce a 3/8 minus finely ground product.

Most competitors are using machines made for grinding other products like wood and stone and deliver a much larger lower quality product.